Labor Day: To Hear Your Banjo Play - 1947

Folk master Pete Seeger narrates Alan Lomax's documentary on the evolution and appreciation of American folk music. Special cameo performances include Woody Guthrie and Brownie McGhee, amongst many others.

Flagellants of Nocera Terinese - 1960's

Every seven years in the town of Nocera Terinese, Italy, a mysterious rite hundreds of years old still takes place to this day.

On Good Friday, Flagellants from the surrounding villages perform the ritual of the battenti.

In this tradition, the participants embed shards of glass in pieces of cork, then forcefully drive the makeshift scourges into their bare legs. Bleeding, they jog the route of the Easter procession, enduring the pain and suffering of religious sacrifice in the name of spiritual cleansing.

Kobe Beef: It's What's for Dinner - 1960's

Sure, Kobe Beef is considered some of the most delectable, succulent meat in the world.  But have you ever wondered how it got that way?  In this clip, we have an actual demonstration.  Some might think it cruelty to animals, others might think they were being treated too well.

Why Braceros? - 1950's

Why Braceros? - 1950's

Revolutionary New Triumph in Tape - 1960's

Revolutionary New Triumph in Tape - 1960's

Propaganda: Duck & Cover - 1951

Propaganda: Duck & Cover - 1951

Watching this may save your life in the event of a nuclear holocaust.

Subject: Narcotics - 1951

A declassified vice squad training film, Subject: Narcotics, produced in the 1950's, takes an unflinching look at the lifestyle of heroin users during.  Made in the pre-rock & roll era, the junkie flophouse depicted here  resembles a scenario more out of beatnik novel than the more glamorous goth-punk facade we've become accustomed to today.

This film was produced with the purpose of acquainting law enforcement agencies with some of the problems of narcotics enforcement.  It is not intended as an educational film for the general public.


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