Skeets McDonald: What a Lonesome Life it's Been - 1959

Skeets McDonald plays his classic country tune  "What a Lonesome Life it's Been" in a rare televised performance from 1959.


Time for Coffee: Singing Coffee Pot - 1960's

This is the coffee pot a work.
Listen to it perk.
Look at the coffee as it gets darker and stronger.
Smell the honest coffee smell.

Ahhhh ... ... Smell it!

Bob Wills: Oklahoma - 1940's

In this clip, from the B Western "Take Me Back to Oklahoma," Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys croon in perfect harmony 'Oklahoma we love you,' with Wills' signature backup calls.  

Riding with Tex Ritter, they sing together 'Calamity Kate.'

Diane Jewett: How to Yodel - 1959

In this vintage performance, the yodeling is entirely live and more contemporaneous, with a definitively rockabilly slant.


Trip To Where - 1967

Who's Yehoodi? - 1942

An amusing soundie from 1942, Who's Yehoodi?, was originally composed in 1940 by Bill Seckler and Matt Dennis.

Based on a running gag by radio comedian Jerry Colona, this rendition of Who's Yehoodi? is quite risque for its day.

Who's Yehoodi?



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