What Happened on 23rd Street, New York City - 1901

August 21, 1901. Thomas A. Edison Inc.
Alfred C. Abadie (the swell), Florence Georgie (the girl)
Filmmakers: Edwin S. Porter and George S. Fleming [?]

Children in the Surf, Coney Island - 1904

August 3, 1904.
American Mutoscope & Biograph Company
Coney Island's Sea Gate in Brooklyn, N.Y.
Cameraman: G. W. Bitzer

New York City ''Ghetto'' Fish Market - 1903

Special Thanks to TigerRocket

Photographed May 1, 1903. Thomas A. Edison, Inc.
Camera: James Blair Smith

This is the Lower East Side, believed to be either on or near Hester Street. At the turn of the century, this area was the center of commerce for New York's Jewish ghetto. The large ghetto population lived in overcrowded conditions south of Houston Street and east of the Bowery. It was predominantly Russian at this time, but also included immigrants from Austria, Germany, Rumania and Turkey.

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