The Three Suns: Beyond the Blue Horizon - 1940's

The Three Suns was an American instrumental pop group, popular in the 1940s and 1950s.

The group was formed in 1939 by Al Nevins (guitar) and Morty Nevins (accordion) and Artie Dunn (vocals, electronic organ). They later signed with RCA Victor.

In 1944, their first hit record was "Twilight Time", written by the band along with Buck Ram. "Twilight Time" sold over four million copies and was awarded a gold disc.

Louis Jordan: Caldonia - 1946

"Caldonia" is a jump blues song, first recorded in 1945 by Louis Jordan and his Tympany Five. A version by Erskine Hawkins, also in 1945, was described by Billboard magazine as "rock and roll", the first time that phrase was used in print to describe any style of music.

American Scene: Tuesday in November - 1945

The United States presidential election of 1944 took place while the United States was preoccupied with fighting World War II. President Franklin D. Roosevelt (FDR) had been in office longer than any other president, but remained popular. Unlike 1940, there was little doubt that Roosevelt would run for another term as the Democratic candidate. His Republican opponent in 1944 was Governor of New York Thomas E. Dewey. Dewey ran an energetic campaign, but as expected, Roosevelt prevailed.

Lady Life Guards - 1930s

Summer is just a click away with our next featurette, Lady Life Guards from the 1930's.

Coney Island - 1940's

Coney Island, "the place where merriment is king!"

Take a trip back in time 50 years before the Mermaid Parade.

See masses of old school New Yorkers beat the heat by hitting the beach.

See Side Shows! Carnies! Freaks! Thrill rides! Includes the original Coney Island Hot Dog, the Bathing Girl Review, and people getting sick on rides.

Not to mention the Tiger Rag, if 1940's Coney Island existed today an insurance agent would have a field day.

Still, 1940's Coney Island kicks the ass of Disneyland any day.

Don't Be a Sucker - 1947

In this anti-fascist film produced by the US Military in the wake of WWII, the producers deconstruct the politically motivated social engineering of Germany by the Nazi regime.

Its argument is just as timely and relevant today.

Are You Popular? - 1947

According to the internets, popularity is based on social status, the quality of being well-liked or well-known, mainstream, the quality of being common, well-received, in demand. Likewise Psychology Today concludes, “it turns out that the popularity of competitive people has little to do with their sex. What truly matters is who they are trying to beat.” Hmmm.

To Hear Your Banjo Play - 1947

Folk master Pete Seeger narrates Alan Lomax's documentary on the evolution and appreciation of American folk music. Special cameo performances include Woody Guthrie and Brownie McGhee, amongst many others.

Independence Day - 1940

Strike up the band.

Let's celebrate the great day on which the Declaration of Independence was signed ...

July 4, 1776 ...

Be happy ...
Be glad we are living in the good old USA
Land of the free ..
Home of fair play

July 4th, 1940.

PS: Get Well Soon.

20th Century Vamp - 1940's

This Vamp takes it off to an early jazz score. In this stag film just hauled out of basement, a Twentieth Century Vamp strips to her knickers to a raucous early jazz score.


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