A Visit to Santa - 1953

The cult classic A Visit to Santa - 1953

Americans at Work: Barbers - 1959

The way to beauty may not be the most attractive, but the admiring glances that result are worth it.
- Americans at Work: Barbers

There is much tradition – In Greece, getting hair cut could be a social occasion, where men would discuss the issues of the day while having their hair trimmed and beards curled.  

Still today, the barber acts as a listener and sometime counselor of his clients.

Hair Dress Through The Ages - 1950

In this lighthearted documentary, a news announcer fumbles his way through reporting the history of hairdressing.

Not surprisingly, it  begins in France, on the Dordogne River, many thousands of years ago. A caveman, annoyed with long hair that interferes with his work, uses a fishbone to keep his hair in place.

It is perhaps the first record of the man-bun.

Fast-forward a few thousand years to Babylon, where ancient sculptures show that they not only curled their hair, but coiffed their beards.

A Day of Thanksgiving - 1951

Thanksgiving in 1951 might not be as different for many today as it was back then.

Bill Johnson’s family can’t afford a turkey this year.  Dick, Tommy, Susan and Baby Janet are devastated.  

But there is still much to be thankful for, especially in the shadow of what the world was like only a few short years before during World War II.  At that time, it was a world of refugees, barbaric oppression, where starvation was rampant and life was cheap.  

Let's Talk Turkey - 1955

“Turkey – a dish that adds grace to every table!”

In this vintage cooking film, resident chef Marie Gifford shows how to prepare a turkey, not just for a 1955 Thanksgiving, but for turkey to enjoy 365 days a year.  

No longer do you need to be burdened by New York dressed turkeys, paying for and disposing of extra unneeded parts like the head or the feet.  

With the miracle of modern freezing technology, and developments at the FDA’s experimental laboratories in Beltsville, Maryland, you need only “pay for the meat you can eat.”  

Underwater Cemeteries of South Asia - 1950's

The underwater cemeteries of South Asia and how they came to be.

Trailer: Bug-o-rama - 1950's

This is a humorous gag trailer for a horror movie night that a local US theater ran in the 1950's, Bug-O-Rama ...

"Your skin will crawl, your flesh will creep, after you've seen our Bug-O-Rama. It's the show to recommend to your enemies. The unbearable terror may drive them MAD, MAD, MAD, MAD. A licensed exterminator will be on duty at all performances. But just in case, bring your own bug powder. Watch out! The bugs are coming."

Trailer: The Deadly Mantis - 1950's

In some cases, the Praying Mantis eats its sex partner ...

The Larks: The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise - 1955

The Larks - The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise

"The World Is Waiting for the Sunrise" is a popular ballad with lyrics by Gene Lockhart and music (Toronto 1918) by the concert pianist Ernest Seitz, who had conceived the refrain when he was 12. Embarrassed about writing popular music, Seitz used the pseudonym "Raymond Roberts" when the song was first published by Chappell in 1919.

Propaganda: Duck & Cover - 1951

Propaganda: Duck & Cover - 1951

Watching this may save your life in the event of a nuclear holocaust.


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