A Visit to Santa - 1953

The cult classic A Visit to Santa - 1953

Newsreel: Art in Italy - 1953

This newsreel takes a look at art in Italy in 1953, specifically at an exhibition in Milan showing great works of art scaled to fit on postage stamps by Carrado Mezana.  

The crowded event displaying the detail and craftsmanship of Mezzana even draws the president of Italy at the time, Luigi Einaudi.  Stamps include are portrayals of Galileo, Saint Catherine and Vatican City.

Newsreel: Mid-Atlantic Sea Rescue - 1953

Experience a rescue at sea in 1953 as the Liberian registered cargo ship Greenville sinks in the treacherous Atlantic Ocean under the assault of 80 MPH winds and 50 foot waves.  

In harrowing footage captured by a guest on the luxury liner SS Ile de France, the crew rescue 24 of the 26 sailors abandoning ship.  

Before reality TV, the desire for on-the-scene footage by amateurs was still highly valued.

Newsreel: Teddy Roosevelt - 1953

“Keep your eyes on the stars and keep your feet on the ground.” – Theodore Roosevelt

This biography of Theodore Roosevelt details the important milestones in his life, growing from a sickly child to the rugged individualist he so proudly became. It includes archived photos from Roosevelts’ experience as a frontiersman, a Dakota cowboy and a colonel in the Rough Riders.

This film also includes the only know recording of Teddy Roosevelt's actual voice.

Hair Dress Through The Ages - 1950

In this lighthearted documentary, a news announcer fumbles his way through reporting the history of hairdressing.

Not surprisingly, it  begins in France, on the Dordogne River, many thousands of years ago. A caveman, annoyed with long hair that interferes with his work, uses a fishbone to keep his hair in place.

It is perhaps the first record of the man-bun.

Fast-forward a few thousand years to Babylon, where ancient sculptures show that they not only curled their hair, but coiffed their beards.

Newsreel: South Korea - 1953

Iran - 1953

A fascinating look at the nation of Iran before the 1979 revolution. This film is not merely a survey of Persian history, but examines a civilization undergoing a transition into 20th century modernity.

Although made nearly sixty years ago, this short film portends the inevitable tension the Iran would be the center of due to its natural resources and geographical location.

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