A Visit to Santa - 1953

The cult classic A Visit to Santa - 1953

Newsreel: Teddy Roosevelt - 1953

“Keep your eyes on the stars and keep your feet on the ground.” – Theodore Roosevelt

This biography of Theodore Roosevelt details the important milestones in his life, growing from a sickly child to the rugged individualist he so proudly became. It includes archived photos from Roosevelts’ experience as a frontiersman, a Dakota cowboy and a colonel in the Rough Riders.

This film also includes the only know recording of Teddy Roosevelt's actual voice.

Early Settlers of New England - 1940

Early Settlers of New England, an educational film produced in 1940, observes the daily lives of English settlers in the establishment of Naumkeag.  

Located along the Massachusetts coast, subsistence in the small village came from fishing, “abandoned” corn and goat milk.  As more colonists arrived and the infrastructure built-out, the town was re-christened Salem.  

Salem would later be known for contaminated rye fields and witch trials, for which Arthur Miller’s The Crucible would be based.

A Day of Thanksgiving - 1951

Thanksgiving in 1951 might not be as different for many today as it was back then.

Bill Johnson’s family can’t afford a turkey this year.  Dick, Tommy, Susan and Baby Janet are devastated.  

But there is still much to be thankful for, especially in the shadow of what the world was like only a few short years before during World War II.  At that time, it was a world of refugees, barbaric oppression, where starvation was rampant and life was cheap.  

Poultry on the Farm - 1937

Welcome to Farmer Brown’s poultry farm, where he raises chicken, ducks, geese and turkeys.  

Visit the chicken coop where the head rooster rouses his harem of hens for breakfast.  White leghorn chickens lay an abundance of eggs which need to be incubated for healthy chicks to be born.

Take a look within the shell as the chick develops over time, pecks its way through and grows from a downy baby chicken to a full-size adult within 2 months.   

Farmer Brown has some Plymouth Rock chickens, ducks, geese and turkeys, as well.

Let's Talk Turkey - 1955

“Turkey – a dish that adds grace to every table!”

In this vintage cooking film, resident chef Marie Gifford shows how to prepare a turkey, not just for a 1955 Thanksgiving, but for turkey to enjoy 365 days a year.  

No longer do you need to be burdened by New York dressed turkeys, paying for and disposing of extra unneeded parts like the head or the feet.  

With the miracle of modern freezing technology, and developments at the FDA’s experimental laboratories in Beltsville, Maryland, you need only “pay for the meat you can eat.”  

Minnie the Moocher: Cab Calloway & Betty Boop - 1930's

Starting with a phenomenal live moment where Cab Calloway free-form dances to his orchestra swinging slow & sweet to St. James Infirmary.  Then things get rolling.

Home life is tough for Betty, so she hits the road with her friend Bimbo.  They venture into a haunted forest and seek refuge in a dark cave.  Within, they encounter the alter-ego of Cab and his band, the ghost of a walrus backed by a symphony of skeletons, monsters, and condemned ghouls.  

The ending is quite spectacular.

This Is Coffee! - 1960's

This Is Coffee! - 1960's

Labor Day: To Hear Your Banjo Play - 1947

Folk master Pete Seeger narrates Alan Lomax's documentary on the evolution and appreciation of American folk music. Special cameo performances include Woody Guthrie and Brownie McGhee, amongst many others.


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