Birds of Prey - 1938

In this documentary from 1938, examined are the various types of owls, vultures and hawks that inhabit North America.

With footage in the field that any Audubon Society member would admire, observe birds of prey in their natural habitat as they hunt for food and feed their young.  

Often nesting in high places like trees or cliffs, their strong talons capture mice, fish and birds while their hooked beaks tear flesh into bitesize morsels.

Educational: Civil War - 1954

In this 1954 educational documentary tightly condenses the American Civil War into a snug fifteen minutes.  

Beginning with John Brown’s revolt at Harper’s Ferry, the film uses artwork, photographs, dramatizations and panoramas of significant locations.  

As we move from the attack on Fort Sumter to the Battle of Antietam to Lee’s great defeat at Gettysburg, the chorus of “When Johnny Comes Marching Home” is sung heartily in between the narration.

Hair Dress Through The Ages - 1950

In this lighthearted documentary, a news announcer fumbles his way through reporting the history of hairdressing.

Not surprisingly, it  begins in France, on the Dordogne River, many thousands of years ago. A caveman, annoyed with long hair that interferes with his work, uses a fishbone to keep his hair in place.

It is perhaps the first record of the man-bun.

Fast-forward a few thousand years to Babylon, where ancient sculptures show that they not only curled their hair, but coiffed their beards.

Flagellants of Nocera Terinese - 1960's

Every seven years in the town of Nocera Terinese, Italy, a mysterious rite hundreds of years old still takes place to this day.

On Good Friday, Flagellants from the surrounding villages perform the ritual of the battenti.

In this tradition, the participants embed shards of glass in pieces of cork, then forcefully drive the makeshift scourges into their bare legs. Bleeding, they jog the route of the Easter procession, enduring the pain and suffering of religious sacrifice in the name of spiritual cleansing.

Kobe Beef: It's What's for Dinner - 1960's

Sure, Kobe Beef is considered some of the most delectable, succulent meat in the world.  But have you ever wondered how it got that way?  In this clip, we have an actual demonstration.  Some might think it cruelty to animals, others might think they were being treated too well.

Why Braceros? - 1950's

Why Braceros? - 1950's

Revolutionary New Triumph in Tape - 1960's

Revolutionary New Triumph in Tape - 1960's

Coffee House Rendezvous - 1966

Coffee House Rendezvous - 1960's

California the Golden - 1930

If you were taking a sea cruise from the Eastern Seaboard to the West Coast via the Panama Canal, this might be the film you'd see before disembarking in San Diego, Los Angeles, or San Francisco.

An exquisite travel film documenting the magnificent landscape and locales of pre-WWII California, this film showcases classic old school California, from the Spanish-styled haciendas overlooking the swelling Pacific to the vast interior of bountiful valleys and awesome peaks.

Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you California of the early 1930's.

Navajo Canyon Country - 1954

Navajo Canyon Country - 1954


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