Newsreel: UN takes over Suez - 1957

Newsreel: UN takes over Suez - 1957

Newsreel: South Korea - 1953

Louis Armstrong Goes to the Congo - 1960

This newsreel from 1960 accounts of the genius Louis Armstrong's fateful trip to Africa.

Following a highly successful small-group jazz concert at New York Town Hall on May 17, 1947, featuring Louis Armstrong with trombonist/singer Jack Teagarden, Armstrong's manager Joe Glaser dissolved the Armstrong big band on August 13, 1947 and established a six-piece small group featuring Armstrong with (initially) Teagarden, Earl Hines and other top swing and dixieland musicians, most of them ex-big band leaders. The new group was announced at the opening of Billy Berg's Supper Club.

So They Tell Me - 1919

So They Tell Me, circa 1919, skewers the top headlines of its day, the post World War I era.

Crude animation attempts to punctuate the sardonic and off-color humor supplied by political raconteur Warren W. Brown(?). Though the jokes are somewhat esoteric by today's standards, the tone straddles between bombastic entertainment and nativist propaganda.

Targets include labor activist Eugene Debs, Prohibition, the League of Nations, the Wobblies, Russian & German instability, the Bolsheviks, and fat women in bathing suits and burnt Christmas pudding.

American Scene: Tuesday in November - 1945

The United States presidential election of 1944 took place while the United States was preoccupied with fighting World War II. President Franklin D. Roosevelt (FDR) had been in office longer than any other president, but remained popular. Unlike 1940, there was little doubt that Roosevelt would run for another term as the Democratic candidate. His Republican opponent in 1944 was Governor of New York Thomas E. Dewey. Dewey ran an energetic campaign, but as expected, Roosevelt prevailed.

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