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Lustre Cream - 1967

This Is Coffee! - 1960's

This Is Coffee! - 1960's

Coffee House Rendezvous - 1966

Coffee House Rendezvous - 1960's

TV & Ads: Hertz ... Driver's Seat - 1960's

Hertz ... Driver's Seat - 1960's

Time for Coffee: Singing Coffee Pot - 1960's

This is the coffee pot a work.
Listen to it perk.
Look at the coffee as it gets darker and stronger.
Smell the honest coffee smell.

Ahhhh ... ... Smell it!

Magic In The Air - 1950's

Alka-Seltzer - 1967

Kodak Instamatic Flash Cubes - 1960's

It's new. It's now. It's flash cubes.

Flash cube. Flash cube? Flash cube!

Only with the newest Kodak instamatic camera four full-power flashes in one tiny cube. Flash Cube.

It's this way man, drop in a film, get yourself a flash cube, pop it on ... Take one ... Take two ... Take three ... Take four Flash pictures without changing bulbs.

In color, of course. New instamatic outfits from less than 18 dollars, only from Kodak.

Frank Zappa: Interview ABC-TV Australia - 1973

Frank Zappa was no stranger to Australia and its wildlife. Inspired by a monotreme encountered during his 1973 tour, the avant-rock polymath composed a complex jazz-fusion instrumental entitled ‘Echidna’s Arf (Of You)’. Three years later, he came face-to-face with that even rarer antipodean creature, the little Aussie bleeder, Norman Gunston.

Duncan Hines - 1980's

As we press ahead into the 2010's, time has come to announce our newest page. You can find it within the Era section, the 1980's.

Although small now, we look forward to seeing it blow-up bigger than Shasta soda.

This Duncan Hines commercial circa 1980 uses subliminal messaging to to sell vanilla cake, with chocolate frosting.


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