Underwater Cemeteries of South Asia - 1950's

The underwater cemeteries of South Asia and how they came to be.

Trailer: Bug-o-rama - 1950's

This is a humorous gag trailer for a horror movie night that a local US theater ran in the 1950's, Bug-O-Rama ...

"Your skin will crawl, your flesh will creep, after you've seen our Bug-O-Rama. It's the show to recommend to your enemies. The unbearable terror may drive them MAD, MAD, MAD, MAD. A licensed exterminator will be on duty at all performances. But just in case, bring your own bug powder. Watch out! The bugs are coming."

Trailer: The Deadly Mantis - 1950's

In some cases, the Praying Mantis eats its sex partner ...

Trailer: The Amazing Transparent Man - 1960

“I am invisible, understand, simply because people refuse to see me.” ― Ralph Ellison

Flagellants of Nocera Terinese - 1960's

Every seven years in the town of Nocera Terinese, Italy, a mysterious rite hundreds of years old still takes place to this day.

On Good Friday, Flagellants from the surrounding villages perform the ritual of the battenti.

In this tradition, the participants embed shards of glass in pieces of cork, then forcefully drive the makeshift scourges into their bare legs. Bleeding, they jog the route of the Easter procession, enduring the pain and suffering of religious sacrifice in the name of spiritual cleansing.

Kobe Beef: It's What's for Dinner - 1960's

Sure, Kobe Beef is considered some of the most delectable, succulent meat in the world.  But have you ever wondered how it got that way?  In this clip, we have an actual demonstration.  Some might think it cruelty to animals, others might think they were being treated too well.

A Day in the Death of Donny B. - 1969

Poor Donny B. ... forever wandering the streets looking for that fix to end all fixes. Those around him, his family, people in the neighborhood, functionaries in the system, however, know what's in store ... the degradation of junkie-life.

A surprisingly non-sanctimonious anti-smack film, this 1969 cautionary tale uses a docudrama motif underscored by a groovy soundtrack the kids can dig.

'A Day in the Death of Donny B.' makes for a thoroughly entertaining short.

Door to Heaven - 1941

This bizarre, low-budget film was produced to propagate "the gospel of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ," at least the one according to the members of this religious sect based in Wheaton, Illinois.  

Setting itself up as an instruction manual on how to get your soul through those pearly gates, the film really stretches the door metaphor thin.

Some quick tips for those who want to get to Heaven

Trailer: Bela Lugosi Meets a Brooklyn Gorilla - 1952

Trailer: Bela Lugosi Meets a Brooklyn Gorilla - 1952

TV & Ads: Hertz ... Driver's Seat - 1960's

Hertz ... Driver's Seat - 1960's


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