Newsreel: Teddy Roosevelt – 1953

“Keep your eyes on the stars and keep your feet on the ground.” – Theodore Roosevelt

This biography of Theodore Roosevelt details the important milestones in his life, growing from a sickly child to the rugged individualist he so proudly became. It includes archived photos from Roosevelts’ experience as a frontiersman, a Dakota cowboy and a colonel in the Rough Riders.

This also includes the only know recording of Teddy Roosevelt’s actual voice.

“Don’t flinch, don’t foul, and hit the line hard,” he implores.

Archival footage shows well-known moments in Teddy Roosevelt’s life such as his safari in Africa, his return to US in the shadow of World I, and his endorsement of the US entering that conflict with legendary actress .

We witness Roosevelt leading Liberty Loan rallies and reviewing the . Then, after the war, we visit Roosevelt the statesman, giving sage advice to his visitors at his home in Sagamore Hill, NY.

We get a tour of the Roosevelt family home, and get a glimpse of the famed Teddy for which he is still the namesake to this day. We visit the dining room where Roosevelt gave audience to dignitaries from around the world as well as the trophy room adorned with mounted buffalo heads and ivory tusks. There is Roosevelt’s shaving kit and the standard from his Rough Riders days, his library and the desk where he worked until his death in 1919.

“From the great men of our past, Americans of today can draw courage, wisdom and inspiration. This is the story of such a man – Theodore Roosevelt – – 26th of the United States.”

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