Trailer: Bug-o-rama – 1950’s

Trailer: Bug-o-rama – 1950’s
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This is a humorous gag trailer for a movie night that a local US theater ran in the 1950’s, Bug-O-Rama …

“Your skin will crawl, your flesh will creep, after you’ve seen our Bug-O-Rama.

It’s the show to recommend to your enemies.

The unbearable terror may drive them MAD, MAD, MAD, MAD.

A licensed exterminator will be on duty at all performances.

But just in case, bring your own bug powder.

Watch out! The bugs are coming.”

Saw the movie – Now try the mug!

Bug-O-Rama coffee mug from from Weirdo Video
Bug-O-Rama coffee mug from from Weirdo Video
by WeirdoVideoStore

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