Photographic Studies in Hypnosis – 1940’s

Photographic Studies in Hypnosis - 1940's
Photographic Studies in ’s

Hypnosis. Subconscious Suggestion. Somnambulism.

In this of University of conducts a live experiment in hypnosis on an obviously pliant participant.

Upon watching it, one viewer recently called the film sadistic, like some sort of proto-Ludovico Treatment slouching towards Clockwork Orange.

To modern eyes, he could be seen as a latter day Dr. Caligari.

However, Beck was known in psychoanalytic academic circles during the 1930s and 40s for his seminal work, .

Photographic Studies in Hypnosis - 1940's
Photographic Studies in Hypnosis – 1940’s

In it he disputes, “in general, however, the hypnotized person has been depicted as an automaton, and memory disturbances hypnotically induced have been attributed to the instructions the hypnotizer gave.”

Beck considered the hypnotic technique to be a potential tool in uncovering suppressed memories in victims of amnesia, giving new hope to advertisers and marketers everywhere.



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