News Sketches by Max Fleischer – 1944

News Sketches by Max Fleischer - 1944
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“News Sketches by Max Fleischer” is a short cartoon created by famed animator Max Fleischer with an irreverent take on bizarre stories “drawn from the wires of the Associated Press.”

As the news ticker types away, Fleischer literally illustrates the stories with pen and ink before our very eyes.

Using a combination of stop motion and traditional , the cartoonist breathes life into ridiculous but true stories, like the department that found themselves milking fifty cows by hand.

Then there is the most expensive kiss on record which knocked out all of the power in Phoenix, AZ.

There’s the college in Chicago offering classes on how to catch and keep a husband.

Through mail order via Tulsa, you can now marry your sweetheart in the even if you’re stuck in .

And what about the diaper heist in or electric overcoats for cold winters?

Fisherman can now use radar to find the best fishing spots, and if you’re ever attacked by a shark, just use this step-by-step method to defend yourself.

There’s miscalculated expulsions of , and Yale grads who live in tree houses.

And, it being the height of , a tribute to the Battleship Nevada, that persisted from Pearl Harbor through Normandy, and a patriotic nod to .