Zip Code with the Swingin’ Six – 1960’s

Zip Code with the Swingin' Six - 1960's
with the Swingin’ Six – ’s

As the American communities and cities grew in the mid-twentieth century, so did the complexity of managing the immense mass of mail posted each day.

The postal service needed a new process in which to map a package to it’s recipient.

From this was born the Zip Code system.

In this educational aimed at students, the filmmakers cast a - band, a sound so popular for the day, to engage kids to better understand how it all works.

The Swingin’ Six seems like one of the bands based on, and they we’re an actual act.

You can listen to their recordĀ For the First Time here at theĀ Unearthed In The Atomic Attic .

Zip Code with the Swingin' Six - 1960's
Zip Code with the Swingin’ Six – 1960’s

According to the liner notes of their first album, they were mix of “Broadway, television, stock and personal” performers, who “have appeared on lead network programs such as “The Today Show.”

The Swingin’ Six personnel included Steve Burnett, John Fischer, Pat Lanigan, Richard Neives, Ann Rachel, and Carol Richard.

Ronn Cummins the band’s manager says, “The Swingin’ Six are new, fresh and highly entertaining.”

Who else would you want to teach you to about the US Zip Code system.