Newsreel: Dr. Heard’s Fire Magic – 1953

Newsreel: Dr. Heard's Fire Magic - 1953
: Dr. Heard’s Magic –

The story of fire told through magic – Fire Magic – that’s entertaining and educational, too.

The magician is Dr. Llewellyn Heard who likes to play with fire.

A research chemist, he studies oil processes and products.

Some of the products, this rubbery grease for instance are most unusual.

But the principle subject of his research is fire.

Here a sheet of chemically treated paper begins to char when exposed to air, outlining a picture of grandfather.

A chemistry lesson with an artistic flourish.

And now, a combustion prank to startle even Dr. Heard, this one through our own magic, Camera Magic.

With and chromic acid no one needs a match. The combustion is spontaneous.

Next, sulfuric acid and sugar, a compound that grows and grows, and smells just terrible.

Abracadabra, Alakazam, sugar burn and sulfur bubble.

Presto! Liquids change color before your eyes.

Smoke rings, not from or cigars, but phosphene which bubbles through the water and burns as soon as it reaches air.

A ringer in Dr. Herd’s bag of combustion tricks.

Mix powdered wood with fire and it’s almost explosive.  Again!

But playing with fire can be hazardous.

Dr. Herd loses more fingers that way.

Oh, well.  Four are almost as good as five.

What’s the basket for?

Fire, fun, and facts through Dr. Llewellyn Herd’s amazing Fire Magic.