This is Coffee! – 1960’s

This is Coffee! - 1960's
This is ! – ’s

In the mid-1960s, The Coffee Brewing Institute produced This is Coffee!

And so, the Institute whisks us off to a coffee dreamworld.

Pouring beans dissolve into coffee grounds that are filtered through water in a percolator.

This is coffee!

Visit the coffee fields where pickers start a bean’s journey from bush to cup.

This is coffee!

From the plantations to the lab, coffee is valued for its perfect flavor.

This is coffee!

Whether it’s au lait from Paris, cappuccino from Venice, spiced Viennese from Vienna, Turkish coffee from Istanbul, sugared espresso from , or the classic Americano, each is unique and a part of culture.

This is Coffee! - 1960's
This is Coffee! – 1960’s

This is coffee!

But in the end, it is just about three elements:




Still, the type of pot utilized will have a great effect over the coffee being made.

This is Coffee! takes a step by step approach to reach coffee perfection, where 3/4’s cup of water per 1 cup of coffee then boiled is recommended.

Then there is the technique.




Make sure you pick your favorite blend.

This is Coffee! - 1960's
This is Coffee! – 1960’s

And then the brewing process begins.

Try boiling the water for 6 to 8 minutes using a percolator.

4 to 6 minutes is the right amount for drip.

Or build a full, robust boil if brewing using the vacuum method.

According to The Coffee Brewing Institute, it is coffee which makes the world go round.