Trailer: The Amazing Transparent Man – 1960

Sprung from prison!

The nation’s most daring criminal!

“Why’d you setup the break?”

“Because I can use you.”

Held captive.

Today’s most advanced !

“This machine utilizes x-ray, ultraviolet, and alpha-beat and omega rays.”

Together they create “The Amazing Transparent Man.”

This man is a killer!


Mad with dreams of fantastic power!

“We’re conducting experiments requiring fissionable materials.”

“That’s atom-bomb stuff! The government has that locked up tighter than Fort Knox!”

“You for us faithfully or you be turned over to the authorities. I understand there’s a reward is $5000 on you head.”

No money is safe! No man is safe!

Nothing stops the Amazing Transparent Man!

Into guarded secret government vaults he goes, stealing confidential material, holding in his unseen the key to world power.

But the Amazing Transparent Man wants first … vengeance.

“If I choke yo hard enough you’ll bring me back.”

The man who wants to rule the world attacked by his own creation!

The Amazing Transparent Man.