Assignment: Venezuela – 1956

Assignment: Venezuela - 1956

If it was the 1950s, and you worked for a company, and you were reassigned to Venezuela, you might have been required to view a like Assignment: Venezuela.

Produced by the Assignment: Venezuela gives new arrivals idea of what their new life had in store.

As Jim, an awkward US transplant, disembarks the plane at Maracaibo Airport, though pocketbook translation may not help at first, a trusty American company rep softens his landing.

A guided tour of tropical downtown Maracaibo is just the trick to get the comfortable with the new surroundings, from old Spanish houses to modern apartment buildings with parking lots and air conditioning to an honest-to-goodness Sears-Roebuck department store.

Lounging poolside while writing a letter to the wife, Jim ponders his assignment in the fields of Lagunillas.

He takes a ferry down Lake Maracaibo, then drives a Ford Fairlane down a road built by the Creole Petroleum Corporation through the jungle to the company town, Creole being the main provider of infrastructure in the area.

For Jim, Lagunillas is just like home with a modern office