VW Bug: Design – 1967

VW Bug: Design – 1967
VW Bug:

It’s 1967. A classic Volkswagen Bug cruises the streets of Milan, .  It parks, and two smartly dressed business men get out.

The narrator begins,

“Some ago, the Volkswagen people went to see one of Italy’s most famous designers.”

As if it were a moment lifted from a Fellini , a stylish secretary welcomes the silhouetted businessmen with a “Buongiorno!” and leads them down a corridor to the office master designer.

“Buongiorno!” he welcomes the Volkswagen reps as they slip into modernistic office chairs and reach into their briefcases to pull out a their project specs.

The narrator continues, “They gave him this assignment. ‘What changes would you recommend in the design of a Volkswagen?'”

The master designer furrows his brow as he studies the notes, dragging on his cigarette.

VW Bug: Design – 1967
VW Bug: Design – 1967

“He studied it, and studied it. Then he said …’Make the rear window larger.'”

“Solamente questo?”

“That’s all?”

“Solo questo!”

“That’s all!”

“We did, starting with the 58.”

“A Volkswagen is never changed to make it look different – only to make it only work better.”

The Volkswagen drives through a country lakeside setting.