American Gothic Cornflakes - 1960's
American Gothic Cornflakes – 1960’s

Amazing to think that professional people got paid to cook up masterpieces such as Gothic American Cornflakes. But are times really different today, forty years later?

The recipe is quite simple, really.

Take one part cornflakes, one part current youth culture cliche, throw in a little General Mills dough, then marinade in Madison Avenue saccharin and … VOILA! the old-fashioned, half-baked Saturday morning scrapple of which almost anybody can reminisce.

In this case, the lyric “This Land is Your Land, This Land is My Land” has been conveniently re-written as “Eat country cornflakes!”

The repetition is enough is enough to make any sadistic psychological interrogator proud.

One wonders if this is the culmination of the visions of Grant Wood and Woody Guthrie. One wonders …