Are You Popular? - 1947
Are You Popular? – 1947

“Are You Popular?”, an educational film produced in 1947, discusses dating etiquette and how the wrong moves can destroy your reputation.

You don’t have to be like Jenny, who parks in cars with boys at night, to be popular.

In fact, Jenny’s not popular because she’s grown to have a reputation for being easy.

Try to be more like Carolyn, who willingly lends a helping hand.

Or like Wally, who knows when you invite a girl like Carolyn out you better do what she wants and let her know you can afford it.

Are You Popular? - 1947
Are You Popular? – 1947

Carolyn diligently keeps track of all of her dates with a calendar, and blows-off boys who call her to go out at the last minute.

They must make an appointment.

Carolyn finds it perfectly fine to lie in situations like this, and tells boys like Jerry she already has a date tonight, she’s busy tomorrow, but call her next week.

Girls don’t want to feel like a last resort, and need time to get ready for a date.

Carolyn isn’t a slut like Jenny.