Delta Rhythm Boys – Dry Bones
Delta Rhythm Boys – Dry Bones

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Rachel Maddow bookends this segment from October 15, 2018 with Weirdo Video’s presentation of the Delta Rhythm Boys performing DryBones.

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MADDOW: Good news. Good news.

We have good news today for one particular ankle bone. The federal court
system has kept the president`s deputy campaign chair Rick Gates on a very
tight leash ever since he was indicted a year ago on October 2017. That
leash on Rick Gates stayed quite tight, even after he flipped. He pled
guilty in February earlier this year to one count of conspiracy and another
count of lying. Rick Gates pled guilty to those charges from Robert
Mueller and the special counsel`s office. He agreed to cooperate.

Weirdo Video on the Rachel Maddow Show - October 15, 2018
Weirdo Video on the Rachel Maddow Show – October 15, 2018

Well, we can now say that according to the court, Rick Gates has been doing
a satisfactory job when it comes to cooperating. We can say that because
today a federal judge in his case in D.C. agreed to finally ease up on the
bail conditions for Rick Gates in ways that the same judge and the same
court had previously declined to do. Quote: The court now has the benefit
of additional information, including defendant`s record of ongoing
cooperation with the government, his testimony at the trial of Trump
campaign chairman Paul Manafort in the Eastern District of Virginia under
difficult circumstances, as well as his compliance with all the travel
conditions to date.

In light of that and general good behavior by Rick Gates, his judge today
said, quote, the conditions of defendant`s release will be modified to
eliminate the curfew and the requirement of GPS monitoring. Ah, GPS
monitoring. That means no more pesky ankle bracelet for the president`s
deputy campaign chairman.

Weirdo Video
Weirdo Video

Rick Gates is still moving towards sentencing at a date that is not yet
determined, but now, he can move toward that date a little more freely, at
least in terms of the old ankle bone. The president`s campaign chairman,
Mr. Manafort, is still in jail awaiting sentencing, but his deputy campaign
chairman has now lost his ankle bracelet, which means he is free to move
about the eastern district of Virginia. It`s nice. It`s right in time for
the midterms.

We`ll be right back.