Tica Ti - Tica Ta - 1942
Tica Ti – Tica Ta – 1942

Tica Ti Tica Ta, produced in 1942, stars “dynamite swing singer” Ginger Harmon and vaudeville dancing team the Mercer Brothers.

On April 18, 1942 Billboard’s Movie Machine Reviews writes,

“Ginger Harmon and the Mercer Brothers don South American garb for Tica Ti – Tica Ta. Ginger sings well and the nimble Mercer boys contribute a fast dance routine. There’s also a conga line of good-looking gals in at the close.”

Ginger Harmon was popular nightclub singer who toured the US in the early 1940’s.
Bud and Jim Mercer headed for Hollywood after early success in New York City and would go on to be dance extras in several movie musicals of the day along with this short film.

Enlisting as WWII dawned halted their career, but in following years they would perform in USO and tours across the states.