Teenage girls …

Tantalizing …



Gang Leader:  There’s a gang … And I’m the boss!

Schoolgirl:  Oh. I see.


Teacher:  Biologically speaking, it’s a primary importance that men should want to mate.

Class:  Hey, that’s cool!  Yeah!  Woo hoo!

Trailer: High School Hellcats - 1958
Trailer: High School Hellcats – 1958

Schoolgirl:  What should a girl do?  Join up with a gang, or go it alone?

Narrator:  Pretty Yvonne Lime lives on the screen these important and dramatic events in every young girl’s life.

Schoolgirl:  The first sincere kiss.

Boyfriend:  I don’t want my girl messing around with those creeps!

Schoolgirl:  The first grownup giving of love. The joining of a secret society.

Gang member:  What a Hellcat she’s gonna make.

Narrator:  The Hellcats are the hell raisers in any high school determined to be different, daring, defiant!  Dedicated to doing well all the wrong things.

Gang member:  Did you ever steal?

Schoolgirl:  No!

Trailer: High School Hellcats - 1958
Trailer: High School Hellcats – 1958

Gang member:  No, then.

Boyfriend:  If you’re gonna ditch me on a Saturday night, you can spend the whole day with your Hellcats!

Schoolgirl:  You know how to reach me when you want to apologize!

School mom:  On the Connie Harris case, you asked me to call.  Well, I’m afraid there may be trouble.

Narrator:  There’s the devil to pay when High School Hellcats and High School Hotshots get together on an anything goes party.