Amazing Tap Dancing with Little Buck - 1955
Amazing Tap Dancing with Little Buck – 1955

Tap dancer Conrad “Little Buck” Buckner was most know for his appearances on television variety shows in the 1950’s and 1960’s.

Little Buck is noted for a 1965 challenge performance with Peg Leg Bates on the Ed Sullivan show, upon which he performed at least six times.

Billie Mahoney, who Buck was often booked with in Kansas City, was impressed with his rhythmic musicality.

“He could really lay down fast rhythms.”

Conrad Buck’s tap and comedy act was favorite in nightclubs which led to national television spots.

Also a popular act in Las Vegas, a 1966 clipping from the Desert Sun describes his act.

Conrad “Little Buck” Buckner, the lightning • fast tap dancer whose flashing feet have carried him to stardom.