I'll Be Glad when You're Dead You Rascal, You - 1930's
I’ll Be Glad when You’re Dead You Rascal, You – 1930’s

Max Fleischer paired Betty Boop with viper man Louis Armstrong in the mid 1930’s.

In it Fleischer mixes jazz, live action, and animation to create an innovative, dreamlike world.

Pops or Satchmo, as he was often called, was a lifelong tea head who enjoyed cannabis not just to unwind, but also smoked gage, as he called it, before performances and recording sessions since it consistently fueled his ability to improvise.

Is it any wonder that the first alternative comic book artists like R. Crumb and Kim Deitch give immense credit to Max Fleischer, animator of Betty Boop, Koko the Clown, Bimbo the Dog, Popeye, and Superman?