Revolutionary New Triumph in Tape - 1958
Revolutionary New Triumph in Tape – 1958

Revolutionary New Triumph in Tape is a marketing film targeting retailers and salesmen about the tsunami of new stereo products that would flood the market in 1958.

Let Bob Baggs, Marketing Manager of RCA Victor’s Radio and Victrola Division, take you on a journey through the miracle of 2-in-1 RCA Victor Stereo Orthophonic High Fidelity Victrolas sound.

Isolated tracks on left and right hand speakers would now be the standard, more accurately replicating recorded performances as they were intended to sound. Animated illustrations showing how the mechanics of stereo-sound work are still effective.

This detailed explainer how these new LP & Tape stereo technologies work is to prepare the market for the new upgrade in sound systems, not unlike the switchover from LPs to CD’s to iTunes or VHS to DVD’s to Blue-Ray. Time buy all of your music all over again!

Features of this revolutionary new triumph in sound include fast-forward, reverse, automatic shut off, a footage counter windows to see how much tape is left, identifiable A and B sides, a rugged plastic case.